Friday, May 28, 2010

The Transition Period

So when we returned from being on vacation for basically two weeks straight, we had a little trouble transitioning back to real life. Gone were the days of five star service and accomodations and we were back to work, kids, and everyday life. I'm not gonna lie, the first week was rough. I tried to lay out by the pool but it has been unseasonably cool, we were all purple! And my tacos were good, but nothing like my favorite chicken fajitas that I really ate every single day we were in Mexico. I was sooooo happy for the hugs and kisses that I received though- you can't buy those anywhere!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The next day we swam with dolphins- something I've wanted to do since I saw the Tanner's do it on Full House back in the '90s. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience and I recommend doing it! Jodi has my cd with all the pics on it so as soon as I get it back I'll update! That night we went to dinner at a nice restaurant at the Sheraton in Los Cabos and the view was AMAZING! Seriously, can you believe that I took that pic? It totally belongs on a post card! That day Daniel golfed and I took a nap, it was very low key! The next day we went into town with Jodi and Erik and went jetskiing in the Sea of Cortez! It was soooo much fun! I haven't been on a jet ski since high school! We saw the famous arch and tore it up a bit out on the ocean! Daniel was crazier than me- there was no way I was going to fall off that thing! At the very end my jet ski died and I was left stranded in the middle of the sea. No problem, except that Daniel and Erik raced off and Jodi putted back to the beach to switch her lame-o slow jet ski! I actually didn't panic and it worked out all right! Someone rescued me!! After that we got food and ate while lounging on the beach. I could've taken a nap it was so relaxing! That night was the "Hasta la Vista" party and we had a blast! There was a live band and we got our dance on!!! Even Daniel came out of his shell- seriously we were the life of the party!!! Everyone probably thought we were a little crazy, but that's okay because they were all drunk and probably don't even remember! It was the perfect ending to a great trip. I was so grateful that Daniel worked so hard to earn the trip!

LSW trip to Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is no Florence, but it was beautiful in its own way and the weather was great! Plus, we did some awesome things while we were there! First off the trip was shorter, so Daniel and I went a couple days early to get more vacay time! It was nice to be a couple again. We laid by the pool and went to the spa one day. So wonderful to have nothing to do. We also went into town and bartered for some real authentic Mexican "arts and crafts". It was so fun for me to use my spanish skills- and don't worry even after 7+ years not using them, I've still got it! On Sunday our friends got there, and we were happy to see them! That night we had a welcoming dinner which was fun and we got to meet a lot of people for LSW. The next day we went ziplining through a canyon. I was so nervous, I had to take a xanax just to relax- ha, ha. Like I had a stomachache I was so nervous! I wouldn't have done it if my friend Jodi was going along with me. She's pretty cautious like me, so there was comfort in knowing that she was there. It turned out to be super fun and I'm so glad we did it! Next time I won't even need a xanax! That night we had our fancy dinner where Daniel wore a suit and I got a new cocktail dress. It felt like getting ready for prom- it was fun to get dressed up for dinner!

April 2010

Oh April, were do we begin? Maybe we should begin by telling you that we were going to go to ITALY! Yeah, doesn't that seem too good to be true? Well, it was thanks to a stupid volcanic eruption in ICELAND! Daniel qualified through work and we were going on an eight day all expense paid trip to Florence. Our friends, the NeVilles, also qualified so we were going to go earlier and see Rome as well. When we heard of the eruption we were checking the news hourly, hoping for the best. Too many flights had been cancelled and rerouted for the company to send 250+ people to Europe. It turned out we went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Doesn't sound like it even compares, huh? Well, it didn't compare but that was one of the great things about it! It was very relaxing and as Daniel put it we "didn't step foot into one stinkin' musuem!". We also went on antother trip to Scottsdale, AZ- which was fabulous! Daniel golfed at a world class golf course, while I got pampered at a world class spa! It was the most relaxing trip! We also took a cooking class at Sur la Table where we both learned how to cook some yummy southwestern cuisine. We discovered that we liked flan (yummy!) and we had a great time at the cowboy cookout. There are no pictures of that trip because I forgot the camera, but it was relaxing and deserty and we looked amazing the whole trip (ha, ha!) so you get the idea. You're probably wondering how we managed to have such relaxing trips with 3 kids, but we didn't take them!!! Betty and Cindy watched them both times! I'm pretty sure they had a great time, I know everyone survived (which is nice because now we know we can get away).

March 2010

This is my month! I turned 27 this year, yikes! Twenty seven definetly feels older than 26. It is so much closer to 30. I got a massage on my birthday and then went out to dinner at the Olive Garden. That weekend Emmalee and I traveled to San Diego alone! It was a fun girls trip, although it rained and we were both sick. Like seriously Emmalee woke up the first day and had pink eye and an ear infection! I'm sure my mom was so happy to be with us! I had bronchitis and was hacking up a lung! Em's and I were a hot mess! We did finish our trip off at the Hotel Del and Em managed to poop and puke over every last outfit she had so she got a new one at a cute little specialty kids surf shop where she purchased a $50+ (I refuse to divulge how much the little Roxy outfit cost because it was too much, even for my little princess)Roxy outfit. She looked like a regular old San Diegan beach baby when we left. Oh, and the little princess got an impromptu bath in the sink of the bathroom at the Hotel Del. Of course Mom was sad to have us go, but luckily when we reached the airport we thought we were running late so I was gathering everything like a mad woman and managed to trip on the curb while holding Emmalee. She was in the car seat and I saved her by "setting" (throwing)her down so I basically landed superman style onto the sidewalk. It was quite the scene! It didn't help that in situations like that I can't stop cracking up! So instead of crying and saying goodbye we were laughing so hard! We were a mess that weekend, but it was fun! Also in March the Leprachauns came to our house, Ryan set a trap but we didn't catch one- maybe next year!

February, or around then

So, our pictures are a disorganized mess!!! I never erase them and everytime I upload new pics the old ones come too. So we have repeat after repeat after repeat of pics. I'm pretty sure all of these things happened around this time, or at least it was definetly this winter. We went to Disneyland in the beginning of February with our good friends the NeVilles. The boys took lots of hikes around the ponds at our country house (with Daniel and I of course) and we went to the NeVilles cabin with our other friends the Oneals. They have two little girls, so it was fun for all four boys and Emmalee to have some more girls around. Their youngest is close to Emmalee's age and they love each other! They looked like starfish in their snowsuits! Neither girls were very comfortable! Ryan was a total stud on the sled, by the way! He would go up from very high and Dave was even given him an extra "little" nudge to get him going. Ryan thought it was awesome! Dillybug had more fun destroying the snowman that Kylee made.

Mom's Birthday 2010

Mom got to come up for her birthday! Yeah, we were so happy to see her since we didn't get to see her when we were at Disneyland (which feels weird when she's only like an hour away). We had a nice time visiting with Mom and her friend Dave whom she brought with her. We ate dinner at home and did cake and ice cream afterwards. It was very low key, but that's how she wanted it. I love you Mom and am so grateful that you wanted to spend your birthday with me and my family.

January 2010

Well, this is Dylan's month! He turned three this year, which is weird because it seems like he's older. Our little Dillybug is such a love. He loves his family very much and gives the best hugs! He is also the first one to get into trouble when there is a gathering, he can find it anywhere! This year for his birthday we wanted to do something extra special. Being that it is only a couple weeks after Christmas and in the middle of winter he usually doesn't get to do anything too exciting. Well, this year we took him and all our family + his best friend Carter's family to Go Bananas. It's an indoor bounce house place that Dylan just loves! Even the adults get to "go bananas". We raced down the slides, bounced, and ate pizza. Dylan was glowing the whole night, we could tell he felt so special. Watching him have so much fun let us know that we had succeeded in giving him a great birthday. For his birthday he got a new Lightning Mcqueen bike, he was getting a little too big for his tricycle. He's pretty fast on the bike and he loves riding around in circles.

Where we left off...

Today was the last day of school for Ryan! I can't believe how fast that went, I blinked and it was over. I know I said I would be better at blogging, but I'm just too busy living life to write down what I've been doing. I'm hoping since schools out things might calm down here and I can pick back up. I guess for now a mass uploading will have to do. I'll start with January...

Thursday, January 28, 2010